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Living Room

carpet cleaning, Dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing and mopping.

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carpet cleaning, Dusting, make beds and vacuum/mop.

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Wipe all kitchen countertops, front cabinets cleaned and floor mopped.

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Dusting, countertops cleaned, toilets cleaned, mirrors and trash emptied out.

We Cover All Your Needs

Our award wining cleaning talents include but not limited to: weekly, by weekly, or monthly for residential or commercial

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                                             Construction Cleaning Prices

Post construction cleaning prices for a new residential home are anywhere from $0.10 to $0.50. per sq. ft. and in some circumstance more, This specialized deep cleaning comes after the general contractor has removed debris and done a general cleaning during the construction phase. A general contractor usually does most of the overall cleanup. The final step is cleaning out the remaining dust and dirt in cracks, on surfaces and windows. It’s the final step before moving into your remodel or new home. 

                   home post Construction Cleaning Service Price

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Rough Pass $0.10 – $0.20 per sq. ft.
Final Pass $0.15 – $0.75 per sq. ft.
carpet cleaning $100-$400 and up varies by size and condition
touch ups $0.05-$0.15 per sq. ft.
window cleaning $4-$15 per window varies by size

carpet spot cleaning

wall cleaning

$50-$200 and up varies by size and condition

low end to high end $100-$1000 if the cleanings require a ladder we cant do the job.

residential homes
all prices listed are our most average estimates/ for exact pricing please schedule a walk through with us.
all prices are quoted by home size, room count, bathroom count and cleaning condition.

basic cleaning $100-$350 

general cleaning $180-$350

deep cleaning $300-$600 

move in and move out $350-$600 

one time cleaning $350-$600 

recurring cleaning $100-$300 

oven cleaning $60-$80 varies by condition

refrigerator cleaning $40-$80 varies on size and condition